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Council leaves car blocking Glasgow Central taxi rank for FOUR DAYS until finally removed

Updated: 4 days ago

Image credit: Unite Glasgow Cab Section

Glasgow's main taxi rank at Central Station faced lengthy disruption when a car remained parked on it for FOUR DAYS without its removal.

According to a spokesperson from the Unite Glasgow Cab Section, the removal was delayed due to Glasgow City Council's lack of a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) compliant lifter, something later denied by council officials.

The taxi representative spokesperson highlighted the issue, posting photos of the black Toyota car parked on the busy rank with multiple parking tickets on the windscreen. The taxi spokesperson said: “Warden advised too expensive for an outside contractor to deal with it. What a farce!"

However, just hours after the initial complaint hit social media and getting thousands of engagements, the situation was resolved. The Unite Glasgow Cab Section spokesperson updated: "Happy to report Glasgow City Council has paid an outside contractor to lift the vehicle in the last 15 mins."

A spokesperson for Glasgow City Council confirmed the removal and apologised for the delay. They said: "The council has one LEZ compliant uplift vehicle as part of our fleet, which is entirely proportionate given the zone area covers one square mile. In the event our own vehicle is unavailable, an external contractor is authorised to uplift vehicles on our behalf."


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