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Council plan to force taxi drivers to log daily vehicle checks on mobile app or face licensing action

In a bid to enhance taxi safety and compliance, Pendle Council has unveiled a series of proposals aimed at addressing the high failure rates observed during taxi spot checks.

The comprehensive report deliberated by the Taxi Licensing Committee, outlines a multi-faceted approach to ensure the safety and reliability of taxi services within the borough.

The council's recommendations include maintaining the current frequency of vehicle testing while introducing more stringent measures for vehicles that fail inspections. A notable proposal is the introduction of a digital application designed to facilitate daily vehicle checks by drivers, aimed at promoting adherence to safety standards and providing an audit trail for enforcement purposes.

The report highlights the council's concern over the unsatisfactory results from recent spot checks, which revealed a significant number of vehicles with mechanical defects and safety issues. In response, the council suggests a raft of measures including penalties for non-compliance, mandatory training on the use of the proposed digital application, and a review of the taxi penalty points scheme to ensure fairness and proportionality.

The council's proposals are grounded in the principle that the responsibility for vehicle safety rests with both operators and drivers. By implementing the proposed measures, Pendle Council aims to foster a culture of compliance and safety within the taxi industry, thereby safeguarding the public and enhancing the reputation of licensed taxi services in Pendle.

How would the app work?

The proposed app aims to ensure daily vehicle safety checks by taxi drivers, addressing concerns over potential abuses associated with paper checks. It would allow reporting of any faults directly to operators and the Council, include a feature to verify the completion of a vehicle walkaround, and provide a digital audit trail to aid enforcement.

The app, costing £1 per week per vehicle, offers an alternative to paper checks, but would carry more expense for drivers currently struggling with escalating outgoings. Implementation would include a six-month rollout with driver training on app usage.


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