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Council tackles antisocial Heathrow Airport taxi and PHV parking behaviours with new PSPO

Spelthorne Borough Council has agreed to address antisocial behaviour by introducing a new Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) aimed at curbing nuisances associated with taxi and private hire vehicle drivers in the vicinity of Heathrow Airport.

This action comes as a response to long-standing community grievances over issues such as littering, public urination, and defecation by drivers waiting for fares near residential areas.

On Thursday, the council gave the go ahead to setting up an exclusion zone within Stanwell Moor and parts of Stanwell, prohibiting taxis and private hire vehicles from parking. This measure seeks to mitigate the disruption caused by drivers, who have been reported to engage in activities detrimental to the local environment and residents' quality of life. The PSPO, made under Section 59 of the Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2015, is a strategic response to the ongoing issues, emphasising the council's commitment to maintaining public order and cleanliness.

Despite previous efforts, including the installation of double yellow lines and the creation of an Authorised Vehicle Area by Heathrow, problems have persisted due to underutilisation of the provided solutions and continued irresponsible behaviour by a minority of drivers. The council's report highlights the negative impact of drivers using residential streets for parking, often leading to litter being discarded and inappropriate use of public and private spaces for relief.

The proposed order has received strong public support, as evidenced by a consultation showing 80% agreement for creating the exclusion area. Notably, exemptions will be made for vehicles actively picking up or dropping off fares within the restricted zones or for residents and companies based in the area, ensuring minimal disruption to local business operations and individuals needing transportation services.

Implementation of the PSPO will be accompanied by an awareness campaign, the installation of appropriate signage, and enforcement actions including the issuance of Fixed Penalty Notices for non-compliance. This initiative represents a significant step by the Spelthorne Borough Council towards enhancing the liveability and safety of its communities, particularly those impacted by the proximity to Heathrow Airport.


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