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Court hearing finds minicab driver guilty after touting at Creamfields Festival

Updated: Apr 15

A Halton licensed minicab driver was handed a fine and a conditional discharge after being found illegally touting at last year's Creamfields Festival.

Private hire driver Stephen Kelly, 57, received a 12-month conditional discharge in a recent court hearing, following a robust investigation led by Halton Borough Council's Licensing Department.

The court also imposed a fine, requiring Kelly to cover £500 of the council's legal expenses, in addition to a £26 surcharge.

The case, decided at Warrington Magistrates' Court on Wednesday 10 April, centred around events at the 2023 Creamfields Festival last August. Kelly was found to have illegally offered his driving services without having an Operator’s Licence.

Pleading guilty, Kelly admitted to two charges each of touting for private hire services and operating a Private Hire Vehicle without proper licensing.

A Council spokesperson said: “Illegally touting for hire not only violates the law but also puts the safety of passengers and other road users at risk. A Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) which is not pre-booked is not insured.

“One of the aims of the touting legislation is to secure the safety of passengers in Private Hire Vehicles (PHV).

“Where licensed drivers are not adhering to the rules and risk endangering the public, the Council will take action.

“The Council would like to acknowledge the co-operation of the witnesses in this case which enabled the Taxi Licensing Enforcement Officer to fully investigate and resolve the matter.”


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