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CRACKDOWN: Lancashire Police and Pendle Council Taxi Licensing conduct enforcement operation

Image credit: Lancashire Police

In a proactive effort to address concerns raised by residents, Lancashire Police conducted a road enforcement day of action in Pendle yesterday.

Partnering with the Pendle Council Taxi Licensing Team, the operation aimed to promote road safety, ensure compliance with traffic regulations, and enhance responsible driving behaviours.

A spokesperson for Lancashire Police outlined the key areas of focus during the operation, which included vehicle speed, seat belt usage, mobile phone violations, and vehicle defects. The authorities carried out rigorous inspections of vehicle safety and driver conduct throughout the day.

The results of the enforcement action were significant, with a number of violations discovered and addressed. According to the Lancashire Police spokesperson, tickets were issued for various offenses, including:

- One car found without a valid MOT certificate

- Eighteen drivers caught not wearing seat belts

- One vehicle seized under Section 165 due to lack of insurance

- Seventeen vehicles found with defects, such as illegal window tinting

- One incident of anti-social driving leading to a Section 59 penalty

- Four vehicles caught speeding in a 30 mph zone

- Four drivers using a mobile phone while driving.

It is not known at this stage how many of the offences listed were against taxi and private hire vehicle (PHV) drivers.

The spokesperson reassured the public that the police will continue their efforts to ensure that local roads are safe for all individuals. They also urged residents to report any instances of unsafe driving behaviour through the appropriate channels.

A Lancashire Police spokesperson said: “Want to know what we found following a road enforcement day of action.

“After listening to concerns raised by you, we were out across Pendle yesterday promoting road safety and ensuring compliance with traffic regulations and enhancing responsible driving behaviours.

“During the operation we, along with Pendle Council Taxi Licensing Team, rigorously inspected vehicle safety and driver conduct. The key areas of focus included vehicle speed, seat belt usage, mobile phone violations and vehicle defects.”


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