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Cyclist left with a broken nose and finger after collision with alleged Uber driver in London

Image credit: Pixabay/Thomas

A cyclist has been left with a broken nose, broken finger and a large gash on his head which needed eight stitches, following a collision with an alleged Uber driver in London.

Speaking to TaxiPoint, Thomas said he has been left badly shaken from the incident which saw the private hire car cut across in front of him while he was cycling in the bus lane on Camden Road, North London.

Thomas said the impact was so hard that it caused him to fly over the bonnet of the private hire vehicle and land on the floor, hitting his head.

Thomas, who's a football coach, said he's also sustained injuries to his knee, which will put him out of coaching for a while until it improves.

Police were called to the scene, where Thomas said they confirmed the driver of the PHV was working on the Uber platform.

The collision also saw Thomas' Apple watch damaged beyond repair.

Speaking of the incident, Thomas said: "Overall for me, he [PHV driver], wasn't looking at what he was doing. If I was a car or a bus he would have stopped. He didn't bother to help out in any way either, from what I can remember."

Thomas went on to add that he has tried to contact Uber on 3 separate occasions regarding the incident, but as of yet, has had no response from them.


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