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Cyclist smashes through car window in London park after motorist slows to let geese cross

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Image credit: Royal Parks Police (Twitter)

A cyclist smashed through the rear window of a car after the vehicle slowed down to let geese cross the road in a London park.

According to Met Police sources, the male cyclist struck the back of the grey Mercedes C220 car and smashed through the back window in Richmond Park on Boxing Day morning.

The motorist had slowed down to let geese cross the road in the park.

Officers said the cyclist was taken to hospital, and his injuries were not life threatening or life changing.

The investigation remains ongoing.

Royal Parks Police said via social media: “Officers at Richmond Park have been dealing with a road traffic collision between Kingston Gate and Ham Gate after the driver of a vehicle slowed to allow some geese to cross the road and a male on a bicycle collided into the rear of her vehicle and through the back window."


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