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‘DANGEROUS PARKING’: Private hire driver penalised with points and fine for blocking petrol station entrance

Image credit: Surrey RoadSafe

A Guildford private hire driver has been handed penalties for ‘dangerous parking’.

The incident, which occurred yesterday, saw the ‘taxi’ left in an inappropriately parked place - the middle of the pavement, causing significant disruption.

A spokesperson from Surrey Roadsafe highlighted the issue in a social media post. The misplaced vehicle not only forced pedestrians to dangerously navigate around it by walking on the road but also blocked access to a local petrol station.

Authorities have responded by issuing the driver with a penalty. The driver has been given 3 penalty points and a fine, a move that Surrey Roadsafe hopes will serve as a deterrent to other drivers considering similar actions.

A Surrey Roadsafe spokesperson said: “Did anyone call for a taxi in the middle of the pavement? No, thought not. The vehicle was causing pedestrians to walk on the road and also blocking the entrance to a petrol station in Guildford yesterday. Driver given 3 points and fine for dangerous parking.”


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