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DEBATE SPARKED: ‘Days of Uber being the cheaper taxi are DEFINITELY over’ says news correspondent

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

A popular Sky News correspondent sparked social media debate after deeming the days of cheap Uber rides in the capital to be ‘definitely over’.

Reporter Alice Porter took to Twitter to share details of an Uber journey quote set at £45 for a 20-minute journey.

The journalist who specialises on writing about digital culture eventually booked a black cab for metered price of £20.

Users of the Uber ride-hailing service have complained about high prices and lack of available vehicles, as the impact of the driver number slump during peak times continues.

A lack of available drivers since lockdown easements began is seen as one of the reasons why prices have sky rocketed at times of demand.

Workers’ rights packages, inflation led tariff rises and VAT now payable on all journeys, have all pushed up prices for customers who historically relied on cheap rides.

Alice Porter said: “Think the days of Uber being the cheaper taxi are DEFINITELY over. Was just quoted £45 for a 25 minute journey in London but booked a black cab instead for £20

“I know which one I’d prefer to travel in too!”

Replying to the post Mark Davis said: “Definitely getting worse. Cost now less competitive; harder to find a driver; more likely to cancel (in my recent experience). But let’s not pretend black cabs were perfect. Were also difficult to find and often drove off, if not going the way they wanted.”


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