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DECL-INSERT CARD: Black cab drivers urged to look for DECLINED contactless spot check payments

Image credit: CMT (receipt image)

A major black cab payment provider has urged drivers to check EVERY receipt to ensure payment, as a result of increasing contactless payment spot checks used by banks.

Payment provider, CMT UK, who claims to supply card payment solutions for 40% of the entire London fleet, posted the warning in a recent newsletter to cabbies after an honest passenger got in touch to query the ‘DECL-INSERT CARD’ message on their receipt.

A CMT spokesperson wrote: “We want to remind you to please check your receipts, every receipt. With the increase in demand for contactless payments and the higher limit for contactless payments, there are more and more DECL-INSERT CARD outcomes in Taxis and shops around the country.

“This is not our system declining payment, it is the card issuer declining payment."

The card solution firm, based in west London, went on to detail the reasoning behind the security feature. It was explained that without the spot checks, a stolen card could, if issuers didn't limit the number of consecutive contactless payments, be used indefinitely for fraud.

It was highlighted that the DECL-INSERT CARD error doesn't mean the passenger lacks funds in the account. The same card can be used via chip & pin.

Image credit: CMT

The CMT spokesperson added: “For your reference here's a picture of part of a receipt, Tweeted to us by a passenger who noticed their payment was declined and wanted to do right by the Driver. While this goodwill gesture is not an isolated incident, it can not be relied upon.

“So we are urging you to please check your receipts, every receipt so that you get the money you have earned. Remember, if a payment is declined then no money is taken from the card holder so no money can be paid to you."

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