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DEEMED ‘FIT FOR PURPOSE’: Taxi manufacturers unlikely to make improvements to LEVC TX taxi light

Image credit: @teegee217 (Twitter)

Taxi manufacturers LEVC are unlikely to make improvements to the current TX taxi light due to multiple licensing authorities deeming the light ‘fit for purpose’.

The design of the LEVC TX taxi light has come under scrutiny from drivers and those trying to hail a black cab. Many have found it difficult to see whether the roof light is switched off, especially on a bright summer's day.

Following early feedback from drivers and licensing authorities, some work was undertaken to improve the visibility of the light. According to the Coventry based taxi manufacturers, the ‘TAXI’ text was made bolder.

As part of the licensing approval process a London licensed taxi is required to meet the licensing authorities' Conditions of Fitness.

In London this includes Condition 25 that states: 'A “Taxi” sign approved by LTPH, is clearly visible both by day and night when the taxi is available for hire, must be fitted.'

LEVC have continued to listen to feedback for future taxi model designs.

An LEVC spokesperson told TaxiPoint: “The hire light on LEVC’s TX has been approved by a number of licencing authorities and therefore deemed fit for purpose by those who regulate it.

“However, we are considering potential changes to the light design for future products, and we are currently consulting with a number of stakeholders to define what is required.”

Some taxi drivers in the capital have improvised in a bid to better display their availability. Printed boards are being sold at taxi ranks and online to place on dashboards.

One seller on eBay is charging £9.99 for the printed laminated sign.

A Transport for London (TfL) official responded to a FOI in November 2021 suggesting that no issues with the taxi lamp were found. The TfL spokesperson said: “The ‘Taxi’ sign installed to the model TXe taxi by the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) was approved by Transport for London (TfL) for use in 2017.

“TfL carried out visual inspections of the “Taxi” sign in daylight conditions in London and during daylight at the LEVC factory premises. No issues regarding the lamp were found. Night time inspections of the “taxi” sign also identified no issues.

“We are aware that there have been some complaints raised regarding the TXe model “Taxi” sign in bright sunlight. TfL has engaged with LEVC and we understand that work is in progress to make some improvements to the “Taxi” sign.”


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