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Denbighshire considers raising taxi tariffs amid concerns of reduced 20mph speed limits

Denbighshire County Council's licensing committee is set to discuss the possibility of increasing taxi tariffs this week in response to fears from taxi firms regarding the upcoming reduction in speed limits.

Currently, the speed limit in the area is 30 mph, but it is set to be reduced to 20 mph, causing concerns among taxi drivers about potential profit losses.

The request for a review of the current charges came from an unnamed taxi firm, which proposed a 10% increase on all tariffs and extras. However, licensing officers have recommended a more modest rise of 5% instead.

The justification for the request also stems from drivers pointing out the impact of inflation and rising fuel costs, which they claim are increasing at an "alarming rate". Additionally, the firm's letter to the council highlights other escalating expenses, including wage rises, garage charges, and a staggering increase of over 50% in their electric bills.

The taxi driver's letter to Denbighshire County Council noted another factor contributing to their concerns—the impending reduction of the speed limit from 30 mph to 20 mph, scheduled to take effect on 17 September. As the letter explains, this reduction will lead to longer journey times and the ability to service fewer customers. Since taxis charge fares based on distance travelled, the drivers will earn less per hour due to covering fewer miles.

The licensing committee will review the request and accompanying arguments during their meeting today.


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