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Denbighshire Councillors reject taxi fare increase over elderly concerns

Denbighshire councillors have turned down a proposal to increase taxi fares in the region. This move follows worries about the financial impact on elderly residents who rely heavily on this mode of transport.

During the council meeting, members highlighted the potential burden an increase could impose on older passengers. Many councillors expressed that the elderly, often living on fixed incomes, might struggle with higher fares, making essential travel unaffordable for them.

The proposed fare hike, requested by local taxi operators, aimed to adjust for rising operational costs. Despite acknowledging these financial pressures, councillors were unanimous in their decision to prioritise the well-being of the elderly community.

The taxi fare structure in Denbighshire has remained unchanged for several years. Operators have argued that an increase is necessary to maintain service quality and cover growing expenses. However, councillors stressed that any fare adjustments must consider the broader social impact, particularly on vulnerable groups.

Moving forward, the council plans to explore alternative solutions to support both taxi operators and residents. Discussions may include subsidies or other measures to balance the economic needs of service providers with the affordability for users.


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