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Derry taxi driver left shaken after vehicle pelted with stones

Image credit: Thornhill Taxis (Facebook)

A taxi driver from Derry was left badly shaken when his vehicle was damaged after being hit by multiple stones.

The attack, allegedly carried out by three teenagers in the Galliagh area of Derry, took place on Friday evening at roughly 8.45pm.

The cabbie works for local taxi operator Thornhill Taxis who posted details of the attack and photos of the damage caused to the vehicle.

A spokesperson from Thornhill Taxis said: “This is a drivers car who worked throughout the Pandemic providing a service to the good people of Galliagh and Surrounding Area.

“Last night at 20 45 Hrs at the entrance to Bloomfield Park 3 teenagers attacked his car with stones. The vehicle was damaged and the driver himself badly shaken.

“The driver had to go home. Not only did he lose a nights revenue, he also faces a significant bill to repair his car...”


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