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DISPERSAL NOTICE IN PLACE: Bricks and stones thrown at taxis and police cars in Walsall area

Image credit: West Midlands Police

West Midlands Police have put a dispersal order in place in the Coalpool, Goscote and Harden areas of Walsall following unacceptable criminal damage after vehicles including taxis and two police cars were damaged.

The section 35 dispersal order will come into effect at 4pm Thursday and will be in place for 48 hours.

On Wednesday there were numerous reports of damaged vehicles after missiles, including bricks and stones, were thrown at passing vehicles from inside Ryecroft Cemetery, on Coalpool Lane, Coalpool.

Two police cars had windows smashed and bodywork dented. Officers said they now have two cars off the road, impacting their ability to serve the communities.

Police also confirmed they received reports from taxi drivers and members of the public that their vehicles had been damaged.

Over the next 48 hours, West Midlands Police have put in extra policing powers which will allow them to disperse anyone engaging in anti-social behaviour and causing a public nuisance.

The section 35 dispersal order will cover areas of Coalpool, Goscote, and Harden.

Sergeant Phil Upton, neighbourhood policing supervisor at Walsall LPA, said: “We can’t tolerate this kind of behaviour. Someone will get seriously injured or killed if this continues.

"As well as introducing the section 35 dispersal order which allows us to disperse people engaging in anti-social behaviour we will have an increased presence in the area to offer reassurance to people in the community.

“This kind of behaviour is simply unacceptable and I would appeal to parents to please find out where your child is and what they are doing. We need this behaviour to stop. We will also continue to investigate the crimes associated with the issues being caused in the area and will be taking action against anyone involved.”


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