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Do I get penalty points for driving in a restricted bus lane?

Many British drivers are left wondering whether they will receive penalty points for driving in a bus lane. With over 6,400 annual searches on this topic, it is evident that confusion surrounding bus lanes and penalties persists among motorists across the nation.

Sonia Hobbs, an expert in traffic regulations and enforcement, shed some light on the matter. She highlighted that driving through a bus lane does result in a penalty but clarified that no penalty points are issued along with the fine.

Hobbs at Harwoods Group said: "It comes as no surprise that Brits are confused over bus lanes and penalty points. When you drive through a bus lane, your local police enforcement will issue a fixed penalty notice for this driving offence.”

She further explained that the term "fixed penalty notice" often leads motorists to assume that penalty points will be added to their driving record. However, Hobbs made it clear that driving in a bus lane does not result in any penalty points being allocated to the driver.

The confusion surrounding this issue can have several implications. The lack of penalty points for bus lane violations may lead some drivers to view these offenses as less significant, potentially resulting in increased instances of illegal use. This can then impact the efficiency of bus and taxi services who offer public transport options and the overall traffic flow.


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