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‘DON’T ASK FUTILE PERSONAL QUESTIONS’: Taxi driver partition sign goes viral and divides opinion

A cab driver's message asking passengers to not ask ‘futile personal questions’ has gone viral and divided opinion.

Luke O’Riordan, a press officer for Sinn Fein Ireland, shared an image of the displayed message and called the cabbie a ‘legend of a taxi driver’.

The cabbie's message, stuck onto the partition screen of the vehicle, read: “Please Don’t ask futile personal quizzes. I am from Ghana, now an Irish citizen.

“Yes I like it here. I have a Master’s Degree (MBA) UK. Please show due esteem.”

The message has gone viral on Twitter receiving over 160,000 likes and shared more than 10,000 times.

However, some people thought the message was a ‘bit rude’. One comment read: “It’s a bit rude to be honest. What’s wrong with asking him where he is from originally (presuming he doesn’t have Irish accent) and whether he likes it here.

“Having a bit of futile chat is part of what we are.”

Another response from Eion Dunning read: “Man in customer service hates customers. Best of luck to him.”

Ride-hailing firm Uber backed up the driver's actions saying: “Getting straight to the point is a highly underrated attribute these days.”

Others joked that the driver needs a second sign displaying whether he has been busy and what time he finishes.


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