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"DON'T BE LIKE BOB" Man pictured walking along A3 road in pitch black following a night out

Image credit : Twitter @HantsPolRoads

Police have released the astonishing image of a man walking along the A3 dual carriageway in Hampshire during the dead of night.

A spokesperson for Hampshire Roads Policing Unit said the man decided his best route home after a night out would be along the busy fast moving A-Road.

Posting on Twitter, the force said: "For data protection reasons we'll call this chap Bob.

"Bob thought it would be a good idea to go for a stroll up the ARE after a night out.

"Bob is lucky he wasn't killed or seriously injured. Don't be like Bob."

Although it is not illegal to walk along such a road, the police have stressed that it's a very dangerous environment, especially at night, and even more so after a "night out".


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