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DROP TAXI AIRPORT DROP-OFF FEES: ‘We are taking people to use their facilities’ say cabbies

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Taxi drivers have called for all licensed taxis to be exempted from charges when dropping off passengers at airport terminals across the UK.

TaxiPoint, the UK’s most read taxi industry news source, asked those within the sector what a fair price would be for cabbies dropping off at airport terminals.

The response was overwhelming NOTHING, given mainly due to the public nature of taxi transport and the nationwide push to reduce journeys made by privately owned vehicles.

Replying to the question, Chris Smith said: “Free to taxis, it's a joke they pay when airport say they want folk to not take a car. Make it affordable it's not rocket science.”

Gary Partridge said taxis should not pay drop-off fees. The cabbie also added: “We are taking people to use their facilities. Imagine a restaurant charging us to drop customers off!”

Jason White said: “Should be free, after all we are bringing them their customers.”

It was a similar response from cabbie Kevin Godridge who said: “We are taking airport customers to them so nothing it’s outrageous really.”

John Minshall suggested drop-offs should only be chargeable after a short time limit. Minshall said: “All airport drop offs should be free to 15 minutes; pick-up parking capped at £5 for first hour (£3 for half hour).”

Most airport drop-offs fees range between £3 and £7. Unsurprisingly, London is leading the way in the ‘most expensive fees charged’ stakes:

  • London Stansted - £7 drop off fee

  • London Heathrow - £5 drop off fee

  • London Gatwick - £5 drop off fee

  • London Luton - £5 drop off fee

  • Bristol - £5 drop off fee

  • Manchester - £5 drop off fee

  • East Midlands - £4 drop of fee

  • Edinburgh - £4 drop off fee

  • Glasgow - £4 drop off fee

  • Birmingham - £3 drop off fee.

Stansted tops the list with an eye watering £7 drop-off fee for every visit under 15-minutes long. Take a second over that 15-minutes and that fee turns into an astonishing £25.


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