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Drug driving taxi driver arrested by Merseyside Police after being seen driving erratically

Image credit : Twitter @MerPolTraffic

A taxi driver who was seen driving erratically has been arrested after officers pulled the vehicle over only to find he was under the influence of drugs.

Merseyside Police witnessed the erratic driving behaviour and moved in to intervene, pulling the vehicle over just off the M53 J5.

The driver was then subjected to a roadside drug wipe test, which he failed.

Officers arrested the driver on the spot for the offence.

Using their official Twitter account to highlight the incident, a spokesperson for Merseyside Policing Unit @MerPolTraffic said: "The driver of this cab was seen driving erratically and stopped just off the M53 J5.

"He failed a roadside drug wipe and was arrested."

Members of the public were left in shock, leaving comments on the Twitter feed, such as "Frightening to say the least" and "Truly disgusting, excellent catch".

The police have been asked which licensing authority the driver is licensed with, but they have yet to respond.


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