Drunken mishap as passenger pays the price for giving taxi driver the wrong postcode

Image credit: Piqsels/Remixed

A female passenger left a hackney carriage taxi driver confused and lost after giving them a completely wrong address as her destination.

The incident has been highlighted by Surrey Roads Policing Unit, after the bamboozled cabbie could not find the address in Woking which was given by the intoxicated woman.

Officers were eventually able to find the passenger’s details and check her address, after the cabbie spotted them dealing with another incident and stopped for their assistance.

Officers were able to clarify that the woman actually lived in Leatherhead, not Woking. A spokesperson for the Policing Unit, said: "A Hackney Carriage (Taxi) 🚕 stops with us whilst we’re dealing with an incident.

”They can’t find the address for their fare…the passenger insists her postcode is GU24 ***

”A few checks later and we find their address is actually KT24 *** 🤷🏼‍♂️

“Maybe drink a little less.”

Giving the wrong address has surely cost the woman a pretty penny, as the driver would have had to then travel between Woking and Leatherhead to get her home safely, which is approximately 18 miles apart.

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