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Dynamo Motors enters LIQUIDATION but good news on the horizon regarding Nissan taxi warranty

Image credit: Dynamo Motors

The all-electric taxi manufacturers Dynamo Motors are officially no more as the company filed for liquidation on 10 November.

The popular taxi firm who brought the Nissan Dynamo to London and other parts of the UK have long known that their original model had to cease due to the production of e-NV200 Evalia van ending earlier this year.

Dynamo Motors had hoped to source a new donor vehicle suitable for the taxi industry with a view to re-enter the taxi industry market as soon as possible. However, issues with funding and finding a vehicle suitable to convert ensued and ultimately ended Dynamo Motors.

Nissan’s electric taxi exit from the market means only one vehicle, the LEVC TX, is now available to buy in London.

Dynamo Motor Company first released the black cab in 2019, which became the world’s first all-electric taxi in 2020 when it entered production. Used in all major cities including London, Nottingham, Cardiff, Liverpool, Coventry and Manchester, it is still known as the only Black Cab that has zero emission status.

Based on a Nissan e-NV200 Evalia MPV, the Coventry-based specialists were successful in converting the commercial vehicle to work as a commercially viable all-electric Black Cab offering for drivers and fleets.

Each Dynamo Taxi has had over 1,000 modifications to the existing Nissan e-NV200 Evalia MPV to be classed as a Black Cab. This included increasing the height of the Nissan e-NV200 Evalia MPV, kerbside wheelchair ramp access and a 25-feet turning circle.

What happens to the driver’s warranty?

According to the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA) TAXI Newspaper, there has been some positive news on this point. Anyone with a Dynamo cab, who is worried about the loss of their warranty on the non-Nissan parts, such as rear doors, steps, steering linkages and electrics etc. will be pleased to learn that City Electrical Vehicle Engineering (CEVE) in Chelmsford is about to launch a warranty package.

CEVE are already an approved LEVC dealer and are fast gaining an enviable reputation amongst Dynamo drivers, as experts with all things Dynamo. More details are expected to be released soon.


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