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E-scooter rider caught travelling along motorway by Hampshire Police

Image credit: @HantsPolRoads

An e-scooter rider has been slammed by officers after they caught the two-wheeled enthusiast zooming along a motorway in Hampshire.

Hampshire Roads Policing Team caught the offender riding along the M3 near Eastleigh on Sunday 20 September, where he was subsequently charged for the offence.

The unnamed rider was issued 6 penalty points on their driving licence, ordered to pay a fine, and had their e-scooter seized for no insurance.

Not only is it illegal to ride such vehicles on a motorway, it's currently against the law to use an e-scooter on public roads and footpaths unless one is rented as part of the current government trial schemes.

Officers highlighted the catch on their official Twitter account @HantsPolRoads, saying: "Unbelievably the rider of this e-scooter thought it was ok to ride on the M3 near Eastleigh... Yes, the motorway!

"They have been issued with a fine, 6 points on their licence and the scooter seized for no insurance."

The Government are currently trialling a rental service for e-scooters, but due to some people misusing the vehicles, not all agreed licensing authorities have been able to continue offering the service.

Last week, Coventry City Council announced that they were suspending the service with immediate effect after a number of people were seen speeding along footpaths.

E-scooter firm Voi announced they would be introducing front and rear number plates to their rental scooters to help officials track down and prosecute such offenders.


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