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E.V. Motors and GenCell to develop off-grid EV charger eliminating need for fossil fuel generators

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Image credit: Ofer Segal

E.V. Motors, a leader in electric car charging technologies, and GenCell, an Israeli hydrogen and ammonia to power technology provider, have agreed to develop the next generation of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions to power hybrid off-grid EV charging stations.

The two companies have agreed to cooperate on the development of a joint project integrating GenCell's alkaline fuel cells together with E.V. Motors' electric vehicle charging technologies to enable autonomous off-grid hybrid electric vehicle charging stations that eliminate the need for fossil fuel backup generators.

The project will provide demonstration sites that are expected to attract interest from e-mobility companies worldwide.

This collaboration will contribute to the worldwide delivery of the charging infrastructure required to meet the global EV charging market demand, which is expected to exceed £154billion by 2030.

GenCell and EV Motors will create a new off-grid hybrid charging solution that will provide reliable local power supplies with zero emissions. The joint system is expected to be ready for initial deployment in Israel by the first half of 2022. Following the success of the initial project in Israel, the two companies will consider expanding the cooperation to similar projects in China and other territories via EV's existing partner network including Sun Surplus Energy and Co Ltd.

Ohad Seligmann, Chairman, E.V. Motors, said: "E.V. Motors and its subsidiaries have been constantly researching and developing a solution to the challenges of the transition from fossil fueled vehicles to electrically driven ones. We are very glad to have connected with GenCell to provide sustainable and environmental fuel cells for our charging stations, thus offering the market a reliable, clean and effective solution.

"Our engineers have been working closely with the GenCell team to integrate its technologies into our off-grid charging stations solution, and we are confident that the cooperation between the two companies is bringing a unique and state-of-the-art complete solution for autonomous, off-grid, hybrid EV charging that will disrupt the EV charging landscape, first in Israel and later around the globe.

“We trust that this cooperation will introduce an effective EV charging business model that will serve drivers and consumers, provide an innovative solution to a wide spectrum of clients, lay solid grounds for the continued expansion of the EV revolution and bring revenues to both companies."

Rami Reshef, GenCell, said: "GenCell is extremely excited about this agreement with E.V. Motors and the opportunity to demonstrate the significant value that alkaline fuel cells can contribute to maintaining zero-emission continuous power at autonomous off-grid hybrid EV charging stations. As the number of electric vehicles increases, the demand for a wide network of distributed EV charging stations will grow exponentially.

“On the one hand, forecasts indicate that grid power will not be sufficient to power the estimated quantity of EVs that will reach the roads, and on the other, many destinations to which EVs will need to travel will be beyond the power grid. In both of these scenarios, autonomous off-grid EV charging stations powered by hydrogen and ammonia will be a key solution."


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