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East Dunbartonshire Council opens the door for new taxi licence applicants

Updated: Apr 26

East Dunbartonshire Council is now inviting applications for new Taxi Operator Licences, aiming to boost the local availability of taxis.

The council has set out a flexible approach for potential applicants, stating that it's not necessary to own a car or have insurance in place at the time of application. Those required arrangements can be made once the approval of the licence is secured.

Prospective taxi operators are allowed to apply for up to two licences. The council will confirm when all necessary checks have been completed. Following this, applicants must provide detailed vehicle information such as the registration number, insurance details, and proof of ownership. Only after these details are verified will the licences be officially issued along with the corresponding taxi plates.

The council has clarified that driving a taxi requires a separate Taxi Driver Licence, which must also be obtained from the council.

This initiative is part of East Dunbartonshire's efforts to enhance transport services and meet the community’s growing transportation needs.

Councillor Gordan Low, Convener of the Policy and Resources Committee and Council Leader, said: "We're keen to increase the number of taxis available locally – helping to support residents, businesses and schools who rely on their vital services.

"Work is taking place to support the trade and encourage potential new operators, including flexibility as regards vehicle ownership and insurance before a licence is granted. If you're interested, please get in touch and find out more."

For more information and application details, visit


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