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Edinburgh Poppy Cabs honour veterans with complimentary Remembrance Day taxi service

Edinburgh Poppy Cabs will honour war veterans with a complimentary Remembrance Day taxi service.

In a heartfelt gesture of gratitude and appreciation, Don Pujdak, an Edinburgh taxi driver and organiser for Poppy Cabs in the region, announced the significant offer for veterans in the community.

At Edinburgh Poppy Cabs, they firmly believe in recognising the immense bravery and selflessness exhibited by veterans. In an effort to support those who have dedicated their lives to the greater good, the organisation is delighted to provide complimentary transportation services to veterans attending Remembrance Services on Sunday 12 November 2023.

The comprehensive transportation services offered by Edinburgh Poppy Cabs encompass trips to and from the Remembrance Services, which are organised at various locations throughout the city. A fleet of black cabs, operated by experienced and courteous drivers, will ensure a pleasant and reliable transportation experience for the veterans.

Don Pujdak, speaking on behalf of Poppy Cabs Edinburgh, said: "At Edinburgh Poppy Cabs, we recognise the immense bravery and selflessness shown by our Veterans. We believe it is our responsibility to support those who dedicated their lives to preserving our freedom and protecting our nation.

“As a token of gratitude, we are delighted to provide transportation services at no cost into and from Remembrance Services on Sunday 12 November 2023.”


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