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Edinburgh taxi and private hire drivers under scrutiny after a number show up vehicle defects

Police Scotland spent the day checking taxi and private hire vehicles in Edinburgh City centre, with a number receiving defect rectification notices or red label prohibitions.

Jumping on Twitter to highlight the issues found, Police Scotland's Roads Policing Unit, wrote: "#TheNationalMotorcycleUnit carried out Taxi & Private Hire checks in Edinburgh City Centre. 25 vehicles inspected & faults including light defects & defective tyres dealt with by way of vehicle defect rectification notices & a red label prohibition issued for rust on sills/arches."

The roadside spot checks were praised by some members of the public, with one replying: "Great to see you guys keeping Edinburgh's roads safe.

“All transport providers should be held to the highest standards, and the more frequent these inspections happen, the better. FYI - taxi & PHC drivers use Facebook groups to tell each other where you are and avoid you."

The condition of the tyre in picture sparked debate on whether it was road legal or not, with one person asking: "Aren't bald tyres an automatic 3 points?"

Triggering other members of the public to point out that the tyre doesn't look illegal - although borderline.

In reply, one person wrote: "Yes but that tyre isn't illegal from what I can see, needs urgently changed though."

Another said: "No cord showing on those tyres and decent tread on centre outwards. As bad as the tyres undoubtedly are, you sure they're illegal?"


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