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Edinburgh taxi drivers set for 20 percent fare increase later this year

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Image credit: LEVC

Taxi tariffs in Edinburgh are set to rise 20 percent in a bid to help cabbies meet rising industry running costs and the cost of living.

Edinburgh City councillors agreed to the increase after a review recommended improving the fare cap in light of high inflation.

The maximum fare chargeable by black cab drivers in the Scottish capital will rise by 20 percent on Monday through to Friday on Tariff 1.

Tariff 2 rates, weekday evenings and weekends, equates to a slightly lesser increase at around 16 percent.

A 15 percent rise will be applied to tariffs 3 and 4 which relates to the Christmas and New Year period.

The fare increases are expected to arrive later this year, although no set date has been announced.


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