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Electric pedicab seized near Westminster Bridge on same day another bursts into flames

Image credit: Met Police Lambeth North

Metropolitan Police officers seized an electric powered ‘pedicab’ and reported the rider for driving offences after a day of pedicab concerns.

Police shared an image of the pedicab located on the south side of Westminster Bridge on Saturday. The seizure followed an incident on the same day where a powered pedicab burst into flames nearby Buckingham Palace on Spur Road, SW1.

The pedicab, modified with an electric motor and controlled by a throttle, was stopped and inspected by the authorities.

Police officers disclosed through social media that the rider of the vehicle had been reported for driving offences following the inspection.

Sargent Watson, Met Police Lambeth North, said via social media: “The vehicle has been stopped and inspected. It was found to have been modified with an electric motor and propelled with a throttle.

“Rider reported for driving offences.”


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