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Electric rental bikes BLOCKING vital taxi rank spaces are reported to TfL

Image credit: @comcab33 (X)

Multiple electric rental bikes blocking vital black cab taxi rank spaces have been reported to Transport for London (TfL).

In a series of images shared by a taxi driver, over ten Lime rental bikes available to rent out on Uber’s platform placed along the length of a taxi rank can be seen.

Electric rental bikes blocking vital taxi rank spaces have become a major concern for black cab officials, who are demanding action from Transport for London (TfL) to rectify the issue. In a worrying series of images shared by a cabbie, more than ten rental bikes were seen strategically placed along the length of a crucial taxi rank.

Expressing his frustration, the taxi driver stated: "Just out of interest Transport for London (TfL) when will we see the actions you must be putting into place to stop this? Working taxi ranks full of hire bikes and now they park their vans on rest ranks to off load said bikes. Or as most would suggest you have done nothing about it!”

A spokesperson from the United Cabbies Group (UCG) said: “We have been reporting these all week - TfL ranks team onto this with Westminster City Council and Royal Borough of Kensington Council. Residents now complaining.”

Taxi rank access holds immense importance for taxi drivers, serving as designated waiting areas, ensuring that passengers can find available taxis easily and conveniently. By having dedicated spaces exclusively for taxis, passengers are saved from the hassle of looking for cabs, it reduces congestion and promotes better traffic flow.

The act of clogging up these vital spaces is not only causing inconvenience to taxi drivers, but it also hampers the overall efficiency of the transport system. Such obstructions prevent taxis from accessing customers promptly and can result in longer waiting times for passengers as it pushes taxi availability elsewhere.


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