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ELECTRIC TAXI CHARGING: Whats the difference between Type 2/CCS and CHAdeMO charging sockets?

Image credit: LEVC

LEVC, the manufacturer of the TX taxi, has explained the difference between the Type 2/CCS and CHAdeMO charging sockets on the vehicle, and when to use each one.

The Type 2 plug, also known as Mennekes, is the most common socket variety and provides slow and fast charging using mains power. At home, a wall box can provide up to 7kW, and on-street, this increases to between 7kW and 22kW, depending on the individual charge point.

To recharge in the shortest time possible, on-street rapid chargers provide direct current at a rate of 50kW, and the European standard connector for rapid-charging is the CCS plug, which uses the same socket as the Type 2 fast charger as well as the two lower pins.

The CHAdeMO Japanese tethered connector provides up to 50kW DC rapid-charging, via a dedicated socket. While this connector type is becoming less common for new infrastructure installations, there remains a wide network of existing charging points that use this format.


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