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EMISSIONS, CCTV AND SIGNAGE: Kirklees Council proposes tougher rules for Hackney Carriage and PHVs

Kirklees Council is seeking public input on proposed policy changes that could result in even further stricter specifications for Hackney Carriage and Private Hire vehicles. The council aims to address concerns regarding emissions, signage, CCTV installation, window tint restrictions, and vehicle age limits.

Residents of Kirklees are encouraged to voice their opinions on these policy changes, which cover specific criteria for different types of vehicles, including Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) and Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs).

Among the proposed measures, the updated policy suggests the use of official door signs produced by the licensing service. Additionally, non-WAV Hackney Carriage vehicles will cease to be licensed at 13 years old, while all-electric vehicles can remain licensed for up to 20 years, subject to regular checks every 6 months once they reach the 13-year mark.

The consultation extends not only to residents but also to licensed members of the trade, responsible bodies, and local councillors.

Councillor Mussarat Pervaiz, Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “As a local authority, we have a duty to keep our residents safe, these proposed changes are designed to enhance the safety regulations already in place.

“This consultation provides an opportunity for the residents of Kirklees and anyone who uses the services of Hackney Carriages or Private Hire Vehicles in the borough to have their say on the proposed changes to the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicle Specifications policy.”


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