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Epping Forest District Council proposes new taxi fare tariffs after 10-year stagnation

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Epping Forest District Council (EFDC) has initiated a consultation process to introduce new pricing structures for taxi journeys, aiming to address the long-standing issue of outdated tariffs that drivers and operators have faced for nearly a decade.

The council will conduct the consultation through public notices in local newspapers as well as on their official website.

The consultation period for the proposed pricing changes will start now and run until Sunday 31 December 2023. Alongside reaching out to taxi drivers and taxi companies directly, EFDC officials will also be liaising with town and parish councils to ensure a thorough and inclusive consultation process.

If the proposed new charges are approved, they are scheduled to come into effect on Wednesday 28 February 2024. It is important to note that the current fare tariffs have not been modified for nearly a decade. Although they were last reviewed in 2018, no adjustments were made at that time.

Since the approval of the current tariff structure in 2014, the cost of living has consistently risen, and fuel prices have increased considerably. It is now more crucial than ever for taxi fares to reflect these rising costs, ensuring that drivers can earn a sufficient salary and taxi operators can continue to provide an essential service within the community.

Councillor Ken Williamson, Portfolio Holder for Regulatory Services, said: “We understand everyone is feeling the impact of the cost of living and that increasing the price of another service may seem unfair. However, by doing so, we are helping to make sure the service continues across the district.

“Our taxi fares have not been changed in nearly a decade. Having an appropriate tariff means that the taxi industry remains economically stable, with a higher possibility of attracting new drivers and expanding the service. This benefits both the trade and the public as it is more likely drivers and taxi companies will stay in the district.”


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