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Erewash Borough taxi drivers given chance to voice opinions on Knowledge testing and age limits

Taxi drivers in Erewash are being given the opportunity to voice their opinions and suggest changes to the policies governing the local trade.

The borough council has initiated a consultation process, inviting taxi drivers to provide feedback on various aspects of the hackney carriage and private hire vehicle regulations that affect their daily operations.

One of the prominent topics up for discussion is the knowledge test, an integral part of the licensing process for taxi drivers. The test ensures that drivers possess the necessary navigation skills and can find their way around without relying solely on GPS or satnav. The council is keen to hear the drivers' thoughts on this aspect and whether any modifications need to be made.

Other crucial elements under review include vehicle age limits, wheelchair accessibility for hackney carriages, low emission vehicle license application fees, tinted windows, and safeguarding measures. These factors play a significant role in shaping the taxi trade and impacting the drivers' ability to provide safe and efficient services to the residents of Erewash.

The council has set a deadline for completing the survey, requiring all taxi drivers to submit their responses by Friday 1 September 2023.

A spokesperson said: “This is an opportunity to explain why you think the policy should change or remain the same, and what benefit an amendment to the policy would have for the trade and passengers.”

Erewash Borough Council leader Cllr James Dawson added: “We urge people to take part in the survey. Feedback and comments will greatly assist elected members to make their decision.”


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