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Essex Police investigates spike in robberies targeting taxi driver change pots

Essex Police are investigating a number of taxi change pot thefts in the Chelmsford area and are encouraging those affected to come forwards.

Officers are working with Chelmsford City Council to identify those taxi drivers that have been targeted by criminals stealing the cabbies' cash float containers.

Taxi drivers have been urged to remove all cash from their vehicles when left unattended.

An Essex Police spokesperson said: “We have recently been made aware of a number of taxi’s being targeted for theft, where it appears that the small change pots are being stolen.

“An investigation is underway and Essex Police are working with Chelmsford City Council licensing to contact as many taxi drivers as possible to identify who has been a victim.

“If you are a taxi driver, or know a taxi driver that has been targeted for theft in the last few months, please contact us at providing the crime reference, vehicle registration, contact details, a summary of what was stolen and the date and location of the theft.

“Please also be vigilant and report anything suspicious around taxis to the police.

“We understand that taxi drivers need change for fares, however we would recommend not keeping anything of any value inside a taxi when it is left unattended and parking your taxi in a position, where possible, in the view of a CCTV camera.”


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