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Essex Police seizes taxi operating with no insurance or MOT

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Image credit: Essex Police Roads

Essex Police officers demonstrated their commitment to road safety by seizing a taxi operating without insurance or a valid MOT.

The incident occurred as part of the ongoing efforts by the Chigwell day shift team to apprehend drivers in Thurrock who failed to abide by the rules.

The offending vehicle, a Skoda taxi, was found to be lacking both insurance and a valid MOT. Essex Police exercised their legal authority and promptly seized the vehicle.

In addition to the seizure of the uninsured and MOT-less taxi, the Chigwell day shift officers also encountered a stolen BMW during their operations. The driver of the stolen vehicle faces charges of theft and drug driving.

An Essex Roads Policing spokesperson said: “Chigwell day shift continue their hunt for drivers in Thurrock who don't stick by the rules.

“A Skoda operating as a taxi had no insurance or MOT. Seized. Then we successfully stopped a stolen BMW, driver arrested for theft and drug drive!”


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