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Euston HS2 works begin today also sparking start of Euston taxi rank relocation

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

HS2 has notified Transport for London (TfL) of preliminary works that are set to take place on Euston Road and the surrounding area starting today, which includes works to relocate Euston taxi rank. 

The mandate for these works form part of the powers for the wider HS2 construction at Euston, which have been granted under an Act of Parliament. This work is to prepare the area for the construction of the new HS2 station at Euston.  

HS2 is carrying out works between Upper Woburn Place and Gower Street in both directions of Euston Road, from 9 January until mid-February, on both the footway and carriageway. This preliminary work is to prepare for major utilities diversions required under Euston Road. The road will remain open in both directions but there will be bus lane closures as part of the work. TfL is advising customers travelling through the area to check their journeys before they travel in case of any disruption. Diversions will be in place for people walking, where HS2 work requires footways to be closed.

There will be separate weekend closures of Euston Bus Station on 27-29 January, 3-5 February and 10-12 February. This is to allow for works to widen the junction between the bus station and Eversholt Street, in preparation for the relocation of the taxi rank at Euston. TfL will be working closely with HS2 to minimise the impact of their work and ensure that customers are aware of alternative stops in the area for arriving at the station by bus. TfL is also advising customers using the bus station to check their journeys before they travel.    

Following this, HS2 will be carrying out further works on Euston Road over the coming years, which will cause further disruption. TfL is working with HS2 to minimise disruption to people driving, using public transport and people walking and cycling and ensure people are informed about the changes. The first lane closures are planned to be in place from the end of February. TfL is working with HS2 on detailed travel advice for everybody travelling through the area during these lane closures, including a dedicated page on TfL’s website with full details and alternative routes.     

Euston Road and the surrounding area are a busy location for all road users, including people walking and cycling, and HS2’s construction work around Euston will result in an increase in traffic, including HGVs.  There will be no dedicated cycle facilities on Euston Road due to the extent of the HS2 works, related HGV construction traffic and lane closures. Alternative routes in the area are being recommended by TfL as a better and safer alternative for more vulnerable road users, including people cycling and riding rental e-scooters and motorcycles. TfL remains committed to its Vision Zero goal to eradicate death and serious injury from its roads and transport network. TfL is advising drivers to be aware of the restrictions and narrower lanes and look out for vulnerable road users, taking care when driving through the area.      

Carl Eddleston, TfL's Director of Network Management and Resilience, said: “We’re working with HS2 to minimise the disruption caused by their construction work for people travelling in the Euston area in the coming months and years. We’re doing all we can to minimise the impact on drivers, public transport users and people walking and cycling.  

“We’re advising customers to check before they travel during these initial closures and will be working to ensure people can continue to move through the area safely during further lane closures required from the end of February.”    

Andy Swift, Euston Project Client for HS2, said: “To allow for the construction of HS2’s new station at Euston and improved underground connections, HS2 is undertaking some preliminary work on Euston Road from Monday 9 January. We are working closely with Transport for London to notify road users and pedestrians of these works, to reduce disruption and maintain road user safety. Once works are complete, Euston station will be a major transport hub, with new Tube and pedestrian connections, cycle routes and 2,000 cycle parking spaces to encourage a safe and active travel environment.”


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