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Ever wondered how many taxi ranks there were in London and how they vary? Well now you know...

London, renowned for its iconic black cabs, boasts a total of 714 taxi ranks across the city, according to an announcement by Mayor Sadiq Khan.

These taxi ranks are managed by Transport for London (TfL) and can be found on the Transport for London Road Network, borough roads, and private land.

Taxi ranks serve the purpose of facilitating public access to taxi services and are strictly not meant for parking. However, there are exceptions, as certain ranks are designated as rest or refreshment ranks. On these specific ranks, drivers are allowed to leave their taxis unattended for a limited time. Rest ranks permit a maximum leave time of 60 minutes, while refreshment ranks allow for a maximum of 45 minutes.

To cater to the varying needs of both suburban and All London drivers, TfL has designated specific ranks as "Island Ranks". These island ranks permit suburban drivers, who hold relevant licences for the suburban sector, to utilise these ranks alongside All London drivers. It is important to note that suburban drivers using island ranks are not permitted to ply for hire on the streets outside of these designated ranks, as they do not possess the necessary licence to do so.

These ranks play a vital role in ensuring accessible and convenient transportation options for residents and visitors alike.


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