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Image credit : TaxiPoint

Ride-hailing app Uber have spoken out about today's (6 December) High Court ruling that their booking model is "unlawful".

An Uber spokesman said: “This court ruling means that all the details of the Supreme Court decision are now clear. Every private hire operator in London will be impacted by this decision, and should comply with the Supreme Court verdict in full.

"Drivers on Uber are guaranteed at least the National Living Wage, holiday pay and a pension plan but we’re not the only player in town. Other operators must also ensure drivers are treated fairly.”

Uber have confirmed to TaxiPoint that they will be reviewing the latest court judgment and will comply with the decision.

The Court has ruled that it is unlawful for a Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) Operator to act as an ‘agent’ between the driver and passenger, meaning that all operators must contract directly with both drivers and riders.

Uber has said that the judgment “applies to every private hire operator in London, not just Uber”.

The ride-hail firm says the decision makes clear that long standing practices in London are “inconsistent” with the Supreme Court ruling, and therefore applies to all London-licenced PHV operators.

Uber have stressed that “TfL must therefore update its guidance issued in 2014, with the regulator now responsible for ensuring that all operators comply with this ruling”.

Mick Rix, National Officer for the GMB Union, who struck a deal recently with Uber to represent drivers working on the Uber app, said: “GMB actions in the courts have won valuable worker rights for drivers.

“Today’s ruling provides clarity and backs up what GMB we have been saying for years - private hire drivers are workers and must be treated as such under law.

“It means TfL’s guidance is now incorrect and it means most operators are acting illegally and must get their house in order.

“GMB urges private hire operators such as Bolt and Addison Lee – who still refuse to give drivers the rights to which they are legally entitled – to change their business models in light of today’s judgement.”

According to a source close to TaxiPoint, TfL have already sent “a note” to other private hire operators since the court’s decision, including Bolt and Addison Lee.


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