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Ex-Birmingham PHV driver plying-for-hire slapped with community order, points, ban and unpaid work

A former private hire vehicle (PHV) driver found to have been plying-for-hire in Birmingham was rejected 'exceptional hardship' and was handed multiple penalties.

Birmingham City Council (BCC) Licensing officers watched the driver plead guilty to the offence in December 2022, but sentencing for the crime arrived only this week after an exceptional hardship hearing on 22 March.

An exceptional hardship hearing is a court hearing where a driver who has reached 12 or more penalty points can argue that they should not be disqualified from driving due to exceptional hardship. The court will consider the merits of the case and decide whether to refrain from imposing the totting up ban.

The judge heard the case and sentenced the driver to a 12 month community order for three separate fraud offences. The driver must also complete 60 hours unpaid work, was handed 24 points for three cases of having no insurance and was disqualified from driving for 6 months.

A BCC Licensing spokesperson said: “After pleading guilty in December and an exceptional hardship hearing yesterday.

“An ex private hire driver was sentenced to 12 month community order for 3 fraud offences. 60hrs unpaid work, 24 points for 3x no insurance and disqualified from driving for 6months.

“Don’t ply-for-hire.”


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