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‘Excited’ taxi driver takes delivery of first electric taxi in Tayside and Fife area

An “excited’ Dundee cabbie has taken delivery of the first electric wheelchair taxi in the Tayside and Fife area.

Brian Marnie, a self-employed driver for Tele & Handys Taxis of Balgray Place, Dundee is the first driver in the area to make the move to the greener technology.

Dundee is seen to be a pioneering city for reducing carbon emissions and recently built its first charging hub station for electric cars.

With a rough deadline of 2040 to eliminate sales of new diesel/petrol vehicles, the e-NV200 taxis are all ZERO emissions vehicles and accommodate all sizes of wheelchair.

Until now, unless drivers worked in London they weren’t concerned about congestion charges. However with an increased number of key cities such as Birmingham, Bristol and Newcastle Upon-Tyne just launching, or with plans to soon launch clean air zones, the congestion and clean air zone charge for electric vehicles may potentially become critical for businesses looking to reduce vehicle costs.

Mr Marnie’s 100% Electric, Zero Emissions Wheelchair Access Hackney conversion by Vic Young (South Shields) Ltd, is powered by a 40kWh lithium-ion battery, and has a range of up to 124-187 miles on a single charge. Drivers can also have peace of mind knowing that the battery has an 8 year/100,000 mile warranty.

Owner Brian Marnie said: “I’m excited to own the first fully-electric wheelchair access van - it will provide me with a great vehicle that allows me to transport wheelchair users to their destination, with the added fact that I’m doing my bit for climate change as well as potentially saving my business thousands in fuel and tax costs.”

Rapid chargers in public locations such as supermarkets and service stations will charge the Electric Wheelchair Access Hackney from 20% battery to 100% in approximately 45-60 minutes. An installed ‘fast home charger of 7kW’ will charge the vehicle to 100% battery in 7.5 hours. It can also be charged via a typical 3-pin mains plug in 11-18 hours. On average, the cost per electric car mile is 4.78p.

Vic Young, Managing Director of Vic Young (South Shields) Ltd, said: “I am extremely proud to be providing Newcastle with high quality, bespoke electric taxis. I firmly believe the market is ready to go all-electric with vehicles for trade and industry.”

North East Motor Dealer and Conversions Specialists Vic Young has created a range of fully-electric vehicles suitable for private and commercial use to meet demand created by the UK government-backed zero carbon agenda. The full suite of Electric Vehicles includes:

  • Electric Box Van

  • Electric Wheelchair Access Taxi

  • Electric Wheelchair Passenger Vehicle

  • Electric Drop side Tipper

  • The first electric MG car.

The zero-emission wheelchair access taxi has undergone “rigorous testing” and has already been approved by Nottingham and Dundee city councils with London Hackney approval in process.

The e-NV200 wheelchair access taxi price is yet to be set, but will be in the region of £44,000, pending specification required and not including applicable grants.


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