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Exeter City taxi tariffs set to increase 9% if proposals are approved later this month

Taxi fares in Exeter are set to rise for the first time in nine years as drivers struggle with rising fuel, vehicle and living costs.

It is estimated that the tariff rises will affect longer distance journeys more and could add 9 percent onto the cost of taking a taxi.

A consultation took place asking drivers and members of the public to give their opinion on fares. The survey closed on 2 November and the results are due at the end of the month.

Exeter City Council is responsible for setting fares in the city. A tariff review was requested by both of the Exeter St David’s Hackney Carriage Associations with the last tariff increase dating back to 2013.

The latest proposals see a rise in tariffs from £2.20 to £2.70 for the first 72 yards (or part thereof) and £0.10 for each subsequent 72 yards (or part thereof), between 7am and 7pm on any other day other than Sundays or Bank Holidays.

The second tariff for journeys between 7pm and 7am and on Sundays, proposes a rise from £2.70 to £3.20 for the first 57 yards (or part thereof) and £0.10 for each subsequent 57 yards (or part thereof).

There are also new proposals for Bank Holidays, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

The proposed increases should be regarded as the maximum fares that can be charged. Taxi proprietors are not tied to charging the maximum fare, but are not permitted to charge more than the tariff price shown on the meter.

According to Devon Live, Amir Mossadegh, chairman of St David's Taxi Association, said: "The last time the council increased fares was in 2013 and it was by a small amount as the price of fuel had gone up. The price of fuel has since gone up more than 30 per cent, along with the cost of servicing, taxing and repairing vehicles.

"A tyre has increased from £38 to £52 and even a box of disposable gloves has increased from £2.50 to £12 in the last two to three years. The tariffs suggested by ECC, less than inflation, are based on fares charged in Guildford in Surrey and we are happy with that. The proposed new tariffs will mean drivers are better off by around £12 a day."


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