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EXPENSIVE LESSON: Illegal e-scooter rider learns the hard way as £1,800 vehicle seized by police

Image credit : Twitter @OPUWorc

An e-scooter rider has had his £1,800 vehicle seized by police after he was caught riding it illegally on public roads in Rednal, Worcestershire.

The man attempted to avoid officers as they tried to stop him by diverting off-road through a woodland area, but officers were able to intercept him on the other side.

E-scooters are still illegal to use on public roads and police are obliged to uphold the law if someone is seen riding one on public roads unless park of the Government's ongoing rental scheme trials.

A spokesperson for OPU Worcestershire said via their official Twitter account @OPUWorcs: "Rider of this £1800 e-scooter on a road in Rednal thought he would try off-roading to avoid being stopped.

"We just met him at the other end of the bridalway instead! Rider reported for no insurance and scooter seized."

Riding an e-scooter illegally can turn out to be a very costly mistake. As well as having the vehicle seized, illegal riders can find themselves being charged with driving without insurance which could have a knock-on effect when it comes to obtaining motor insurance in the future.

E-scooters can also cost a fair few pounds to purchase as seen with this £1,800 model.

TaxiPoint also recently reported on a fast-food delivery driver who purchased an e-scooter for £1,200 to help complete his deliveries, only to have the vehicle seized a day later for its illegal usage.


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