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FAKE AND STOLEN: Black taxi stolen and used by ‘aggressive’ driver to pick-up passengers in Swindon

A black hackney taxi was stolen then reportedly used to pick up passengers fraudulently in the Swindon area.

According to police sources the black Ford Procab taxi was stolen from an address in Swindon overnight on Friday 5 November. The cab was reported stolen on Saturday morning.

In that time Wiltshire Police have received reports of a driver acting in an ‘aggressive and threatening’ manner whilst picking up passengers in the stolen vehicle.

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: “We are carrying out enquiries following the theft of a taxi from outside an address in Swindon.

“It was stolen from Springfield Road overnight between Friday and Saturday and was reported stolen on the Saturday morning.

“We have since received a report of the possible thief driving the taxi, a black Ford Allied Procab, and using it to pose as a taxi driver and pick up customers.

“These people reported that the driver was acting in an aggressive and threatening way, as well as driving erratically, but thankfully they were not injured.

“We are investigating both the theft and the subsequent incident involving the man posing as a taxi driver.

“Please note that anyone wishing to verify the identity of any taxi driver can request to see photographic ID, or they can call the taxi company directly to confirm details and information.

“Anyone with information about the theft or anyone who has seen the stolen taxi should call Wiltshire Police on 101, quoting crime reference 54210108220. Alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.”


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