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FAKE film set £50 banknotes are being used to pay for taxi fares warns taxi representatives

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Image credit: TAXI Newspaper

Taxi drivers have been warned to look for FAKE £50 NOTES used on film sets being used to pay for taxi journeys in the capital.

The warning comes after a taxi driver mistook the fraudulent note for a real £50 banknote after a short trip in the Kensington area.

It’s not the first time cabbies have been targeted with these types of banknotes. In 2019 TaxiPoint reported a similar incident involving £10 ‘film prop’ banknotes, which were available to buy online.

The copies, which are very similar to the legal notes, were available to buy on sites like eBay for less than 80p per £20 note.

Cabbies are urged to read the small print on the banknotes and spend more time checking security features on the notes before accepting the payment.

A Licensed Taxi Driver’s Association (LTDA) spokesperson said via TAXI Newspaper: “One of our members reported to us this information and asked that we get this out there. It’s simply the worst, getting done for a £50 note, so be on your guard and as always, please spread this information around.”

The LTDA taxi driver said: “I want to share my recent misfortune with you, in case the two builder types I picked up today: one stocky with face mask, the other slim wearing a green parka type coat, both in their 40s, try it with another cabbie.

“Kensington Church Street to Notting Hill Station. We arrive and like a right mug I took a fake fifty! If a load of these have left some film set or other, there could be more cabbies picking up our two con merchants.

“Look carefully at the words under the numeral fifty. Sadly, I didn’t, not until I got home anyway.”


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