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Fake London private hire vehicle likely being used for "CRIMINALITY" seized by police

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Image credit : Twitter @MPSRTPC

A vehicle "dressed" as a Transport for London (TfL) private hire vehicle has been seized by officers from the Metropolitan Police Roads & Transport team.

The white Toyota Prius was spotted by the officers in East London's Newham area sporting TfL private hire stickers on the windscreen as well as a larger company sticker on the bonnet.

All London licensed private hire vehicles are to display roundel stickers on the front and rear window which provide the vehicle's licensing details such as the date the licence expires and the vehicle registration it relates to.

On closer inspection, the driver was found to be using his mobile phone while behind the wheel of a vehicle, and records showed that the vehicle was not licensed as a private hire and was uninsured.

Using their official Twitter account @MPSRTPC, a spokesperson said: "East RPT spotted this Prius in Newham dressed as a cab [PHV] (it isn't), likely being used for criminality & to avert police attention - didn't work.

"Occupant on phone & uninsured. TfL stickers seized, as well as the vehicle. Driver reported."


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