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Fake minicab driver who raped lone female still on the UK’s most wanted men list

The National Crimes Agency have released an updated list of the UK’s most wanted criminals, and one is a man who posed as a private hire driver before picking up a female and raping her. Rezgar Zengana was convicted of raping his 25 year old victim in June 2008 after being found guilty of posing as a private hire driver and collecting the woman from a street in Glasgow, before driving her to an unknown private dwelling where he raped her.

Zengana failed to appear for sentencing on 4th July 2008 and still remains at large. He is described as looking aged between 35 - 45, slim, around 6 feet tall, with brown eyes and black hair. He is of Middle Eastern appearance and was born in Iraq in 1983. He is known to use various aliases including Abdul QADAR, Rusheer AHMED, Syed WAQ and Ali KERMIN. Officers believe he may be as far as the Netherlands or Turkey.

Image credit: National Crime Agency


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