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"FAKE TAXI” driver arrested by South Wales Police officers in Swansea

Image credit: South Wales Police Roads Unit

South Wales Police Roads Policing Unit arrested an individual impersonating a taxi driver on Monday evening.

The suspect was caught after being reported by vigilant members TCT police colleagues who spotted the vehicle in the Swansea area.

According to a spokesperson for the South Wales Police Roads Policing Unit, the suspect's vehicle had been flagged as a "fake taxi". In response to the report, officers swiftly intercepted the vehicle and apprehended the driver, who was subsequently arrested for multiple offences.

This incident served as a reminder to the public of the importance of personal safety when using taxi services. South Wales Police urged individuals to exercise caution and verify the authenticity of taxis and their drivers before getting into a vehicle. Officers recommended that passengers check if the taxi is licensed and registered by the local council.

A South Wales Police Roads Policing Unit spokesperson said: “This vehicle was sighted by #TCT officers in the Swansea area having been reported as being a “fake taxi”.

“The vehicle was stopped and driver arrested for offences. Always try to stay safe and check any taxis and drivers are licensed and registered by the council before use.”


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