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FARE INCREASE APPROVED: Cost of living crisis pushes East Riding taxi tariffs up by 16.5%

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

East Riding taxi fares are set to rise between 12.8-16.5% after council members backed the first tariff increase in eight years.

East Riding Council’s Cabinet gave the green light after it become clear that mounting fuel rises were hindering those working in the industry. The tariff will arrive on 1 July and will rise by up to 16.5% dependent on the time of the day and length of journey made.

Cabbies in the area will be able to charge up to £2.55 for the first 328 yards (also known as ‘flag fall’) during the day Monday-Friday which represents a 25p increase. Passengers will then be charged 15p for every subsequent 150 yards.

The cost of a four-mile journey will rise from £8.15 to £9.25 during the day and from £10.30 to £11.95 at night.

Extra charges for the number of people travelling will rise slightly as will the cost for carrying luggage in the boot.

Soiling charges will also increase from £60 to £70.

According to Planet Radio, Public Protection Portfolio Holder Cllr Harold said: “The industry is so important for our area because of its rural geography, many residents rely on taxis.

“Vulnerable people rely on them to get to and from appointments so this is a no-brainer.”


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