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Fare shake-up set for Shropshire’s licensed taxis as council agrees to tariff review

Shropshire Council is set to review the Hackney Carriage fare card, responding to calls for adjustments due to rising costs. The revision proposal aims to balance the interests of both taxi operators and passengers, ensuring fair rates across the county.

The council’s Licensing Service received a formal request for a fare review from a Hackney Carriage proprietor, prompting this reassessment. The last fare adjustment took effect in October 2022, and recent economic shifts, notably increased fuel prices, have sparked this renewed consideration.

According to the report, the council must conduct a thorough consultation process as mandated by the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976. This involves a formal consultation period from 1 July to 4 August 2024, during which stakeholders can provide input on the proposed fare changes.

The proposed fare adjustments, detailed in the report, aims to help drivers cover rising operational costs without deterring customers. The new fare card will set the maximum allowable charges, with flexibility for lower negotiated rates to retain customer loyalty.

If the consultation period concludes without any objections, the new fares will take effect on 2 September 2024. Should any concerns arise, further discussions will be scheduled for the council’s Strategic Licensing Committee meeting in October.


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